Friday, July 19, 2013

The Best of Online Learning Designs

Online learning…it’s here and it’s popular. But there are some limitations. Especially for those who believe face-to-face instruction is the only way to learn, here are some instructional design training tips to render online training as effective as possible.
  1. Do not stay remote. Facilitators should connect to their learners as often as they can. Feedback delivered via weekly posts or in live sessions will involve course participants and keep them more actively engaged.
  2. Keep it fresh.  Once a program has been designed, it should not stay static. The great advantage of online learning is the ability to stay current. Link to new research or incorporate recent relevant events. 
  3. Facilitate connections among learners. Create opportunities for participants to share their thoughts and experiences. The web truly does offer world-wide links for learners. Whether through online discussions, blogs, or shared assignments, the learning will be enriched by multiple perspectives.
Online learning is here to stay. Design your programs to provide as much personal connection as you can so face-to-face learning is accomplished screen-to-screen.

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