Three Simple Key Instructional Design Best Practices

Good Instructional Design makes a difference. 

We have found that three instructional design best practice applications consistently bring measurable success and help to transfer training to on-the-job performance:

  1. Training Simulations - Why? Because they foster an “end game” perspective of running a business and producing meaningful business results.  They engage participants in real world scenarios and force critical thinking to drive behavior and habit change.
  2. Case Study-Driven Learning - Why? Simple, they provide a powerful format for leaders to share their views, learn from past actions, and use real-world examples to make smarter moves in the future.
  3. Action Learning - Why? It takes the guess work out of ensuring the content is a perfect fit for the audience while making an impact on the business.  It is 100% customized to the specific situation in the moment in terms of development and business results.

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